LA OTRACINA  Blood Moon Riders  CDR   (Colour Sounds)   8.98

Holy Mountain released the LP version of Blood Moon Riders last year, but Adam Kriney's Colour Sounds imprint has just issued a limited edition cd

version of the album. These New York psych rockers just keep cranking out the goods, and Blood Moon is another in their recent spate of heavy duty

riff-feasts that combines sinister krautrock and Hawkwind style vibes with a (sometimes) subtle amount of proto-metal crunch. It's spacey, heavy, and highly

exploratory; the band opens the album with a fifteen minute monster called "Inner Mind Journey" that takes up the entire first side of the LP, a massive

winding jam that's loaded with soaring fx-soaked guitar, endless pummeling drum workouts, bursts of crunchy metallic riffage, meandering jazzy basslines, and

endless clouds of effects all congealing in an epic sprawl of burly freeform prog heaviness. It's along the lines of Acid Mothers Temple and Hawkwind, but

with more of a metallic hard rockin' edge. Halfway through that first track, La Otracina break into a killer Sabbath-like jam with wild organ-like synths and

swirling fx, then veer off into some extended space-prog jamming with killer vintage synth buzz and endlessly delayed acid solos trailing off into the

cosmos, and finally breaks down at the end into a krautrocky groove.

For the other four tracks, La Otracina pulls back on the throttle a bit while still keeping things very zonked. "Ballad Of The Hot Ghost Mama Part 1" is a nebulous cloud of druggy phased wah-soaked guitar, swells of minimal cymbal shimmer, drifting Hawkwind space-synths, a total nod-out tumbling through the cosmos. "Zunblazer" opens with swirls of cascading guitar before moving onto a heavy, head-nodding krautrock jam, slow and melodic with bits of early 90's math rock creeping into their massive propulsive throb. The second half of "Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mama" follows, a darker and more ominous continuation of the first, opiated blues guitar snaking around washes of abstract cymbal patterns and surges of dubby percussion floating through the kosmiche fog. And then on to the final song, "A Drifted Memory"; the first few minutes are a slowly churning ocean of muted guitar ambience and glorious MBV-like textures, a gorgeously blurry and crushing wall of reverberant amplifier goo, then suddenly halfway through the song switches into this killer mathy surf rock jam, a super catchy melody repeated ad infinitum over a frenetic propulsive drumbeat.

It's great to hear a band deliver this sort of soaring spacey psychedelia with some real muscle, and La Otracina are one of the contempo psych scene's most rockin' trios; crucial stuff for fans of Mammatus, Titan, Earthless, Hawkwind, Cuzo, Gnod, and all things proggy, cosmic and crunchy.

Comes in a full color wallet sleeve, limited to just one hundred copies!

Track Samples:
Sample : LA OTRACINA-Blood Moon Riders
Sample : LA OTRACINA-Blood Moon Riders