VARIOUS ARTISTS  Gorezoo  CD   (Meat5000)   9.98

This 4-way split CD (40+ songs) full length pretty much went out of print immediately after its release, we just managed to grab some copies before it disappeared! Ranging from crushing crust to ultraweird avant-grind, this full length CD from french grindcore label Meat 5000 delivers a severe grindblast to your face, featuring Tekken, Sergent Slaughter and Fate from France and the legendary Suppository from The Netherlands! The first band featured is TEKKEN; since 1999 they have delivered a fierce blend of noisy powerviolence/thrash and sickoid grindcore, with sarcastic,smartass lyrics.Their 13 tracks here include rare and remixed material. Next band up is SUPPOSITORY, featuring 8 new ultra-fierce tracks recorded during the Grindcore Knockout tour 2002; this cult grindcore band is a direct descendant of NAPALM DEATH's Harmony Corruption-era noise brutality. SERGENT SLAUGHTER follows up with 8 tracks of intense groovy grindcore and full on pig-monster vocals...superb ultra filth grind, no wonder the guys from MORTICIAN are working with them on an upcoming release on Primitive Recordings. Last is FATE, ripping out some brutal grind/death but with weird DJ samples and scratching! In similiar headspace as the weird electro grind experimentalism of Relapse-favorites CONTRASTIC.