VARIOUS ARTISTS  Grind Bastards  CD   (Grave)   11.98

Does the world really need another grindcore compilation? When one is curated and compiled by none other than Chew from Corrupted and the selection is squarely focused on the craziest, noisest Japanese grindcore bands kickin' it in 2007, then we are in good fucking shape, sister. This disc is wrapped up in a glossy foldout sleeve covered in band logos and info, and it has anywhere from one to seven songs from Little Bastards, Black Ganion, Brob, Butcher ABC, Disgust, Mortalized, Realized, Gate, Fortitude, Impale, Zone Defection, Red, Easies, Boltstein, Impotence Trichomonad, Zagio Evha Dilegj, World Downfall, and Unholy Grave. There's a healthy amount of both classic old school grindcore and some left-field curveballs on here - some of the standouts include Black Ganion's microburst atonal noisecore, Mortalized's freaked out atmospheric blasts, Realized's crushing acid/doom/grind, and the maniacally percussive ultragrind/blurr/noise of duo Gate. Then there's the awesome Zone Defection, whose super-blown-out grindnoise is combined with trippy bestial vocals zonked on FX abuse. And Easies, who engage their ripping grindpunk with some serious spacecase flanger noise. Impotence Trichomonad deliver some bizarre, effects-dosed goregrind weirdness. And of course there's Unholy Grave, with three rehearsal tracks of vicious, catchy punky grind and Takaho's trademark vocal weirdness. The recording quality of the songs range from decent grind recordings to total dumpster productions; indeed, the more blown out and noisy tracks on this comp are some of the most ferocious.