VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Wine Of Satan: Volume II  CD   (Necroterror)   12.98

The original Wine Of Satan comp LP from 1993 is a holy grail of underground black metal, featuring tracks from Beherit, Bestial Warlust, Pandemonium, Masters Hammer, Mortuary Drape and a number of other second wave bands that altogether captured the most grisly aspects of this era of black metal. Fast forward fifteen years later, and the Greek label Necroterror has picked up the torch to continue the saga with The Wine Of Satan Volume II, keeping the same filthy satanic tone as the original while showcasing some of the weirdest and most violent denizens of the black metal underground circa-now. It's a killer mix of familiar names (Furze, The One, Bestial Mockery) as well as several bands that I'm hearing here for the first time, and every single track is a winner, with some of these songs impressing me enough that I've already started to search out the rest of the band's catalogs...

As soon as I heard the Root song "Sonata Of The Chosen Ones" (taken from the band's 2007 album Daemon Viam Invenient) that opens the disc, I became an instant fan. Holy shit, this band is amazing...I've been hearing about this long-running Czech band for awhile but just never had the chance to check them out until now. The song starts off with a killer pounding thrash riff, simple pummeling drumming, ferocious riffage, but then the vocals kick in and it gets very strange...suddenly the song begins to veer from ridiculously catchy operatic hard rock to absolutely fierce black thrash. This is AWESOME. It's proggy and rocking, super tight and powerful, but with those almost loungey, kinda Joy Division-esque vocals from singer Big Boss. Definitely a promising start to this compilation...

Bestial Mockery counter with the punishing primitive blackthrash of "Attack Of The Morbid Coven", a hyperfast Darkthrone-esque assault that kinda sounds like old hardcore with the basic but ferocious riffs and the raging, rocking mid-tempo part that kicks in halfway through. At the same time, this is cloaked in some seriously skuzzy low-fi atmoshhere and swirling black reverb; as they proclaim on their page of the booklet, "Unpure, Unholy, Untight". Killer!

Irreverent were another new name for me, but their track "Infernal Entity" is a legit slab of satanic filth, equal parts Beherit and Autopsy, slimy old school deathdoom drenched in sloppy black blast recorded back in 1992 during the band's brief existence.

Hell Militia serve up "Ultimate Deception", a fearsome dose of dissonant progressive black metal with insane howling vocals, strange chords, and a heavy satanic vibe, very similiar to Glorior Belli and Deathspell Omega, but with some weirdlky groovy stop/start arrangements.

"T.W.O.S." follows, a new track from the bizarre Greek blackthrashnoize duo The One...and it's a fucking awesome swarm of furious buzzing droneriffs and dissonant chords, moving from blinding walls of abstract grinding blur to ripping thrash to epic stumbling doom, all of it layered with bizarre vocal noises and weird psychedelic effects. If you've heard their albums on Total Holocaust, you know what to expect...

Dutch band Funeral Winds contribute an exclusive track called "The King Of Tyre", another blazing low-fi black metal assault with one of the harshest guitar tones on the comp, a trebly blur of tangled razorwire wrapped around the relentless blastbeats and the blood-puking snarls of singer B.Xul. Fierce!

Then of course there's Furze, already a big favorite of mine, here contributing the exclusive song "Baphomet Wade". It's another one of his bizarre blackened psych freakouts, recorded during the same session that produced the Trident Autocrat album. Sabbathy low-fi riffs, demented synths, weird, almost fey vocals, a whacked-out drum "solo", and fucked-up effects all come together on this perversely catchy number.

And then it's on to Code's "Pollen Of Black Plume", a rerecorded version of a song that had originally appeared on their 2002 demo. It's a punishing blast of midpaced black metal that reminds me of the latest from Orcustus - simple, crushing, hateful, with massive thrash-based riffage...up until the middle of the song, when the crooning, gothy vocals take hold, and the band slips into a devestating chunky thrash groove before turning into a lush wall of gorgeous black buzz, majestic and beautiful and ferocious...defintitely another band that I'll be exploring at length A.S.A.P.

The compilation has fantastic blasphemous artwork from the always-reliable Chris Moyen, and it's limited to six hundred and sixty-six hand numbered copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-The Wine Of Satan: Volume II
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-The Wine Of Satan: Volume II
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-The Wine Of Satan: Volume II