VARIOUS ARTISTS  People Will Eat Anything  DVD-R   (Acerbic Noise Development)   5.98

Between 1999 and 2004, the tight-knit indie scene around Montgomery,Alabama began to grow into a viable community of noisy indie rock bands, building momentum but eventually burning out after five years. This two-hour DIY documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the tiny but energized Montgomery underground music scene throughout these five years, initially focusing on The Ed Kemper Trio, a kickass noise rock group whose growing popularity outside of Montgomery becomes a sort of flashpoint for the local scene, and then extends to the lives and music of other up and coming bands in the community. Made up of in depth conversations with a variety of band members and local kids, People Will Eat Anything is a sometimes awkward,occasionally depressing, but always entertaining and inspiring (and quite funny!) look at the fragility of a small rural underground music ecosystem that thrived on it's inherent diversity and eclecticism. Aside from The Ed Kemper Trio, the documentary features live performances from Hematovore, Saragashum,Spiders And Flies,and many others ranging from noise rock to brutal metal to junkyard noise percussion. Anyone that has ever come from a small indie/underground/punk music scene will immediately identify with this film and its universal glimpse of the rural indie microcosm. Professionally filmed and edited, and released on DVD-R in a handassembled double-disc case,the people behind the project put a lot of effort into making this and it definitely shows.Thoroughly entertaining. In addition, the DVD comes packaged with an "original soundtrack CD" chock full of music from bands featured in the film, along with other Montgomery/Central Alabama groups, including Hematovore,Ed Kemper Trio,Gezoleen, and Saragashum.