VARIOUS ARTISTS  International Blast Fighter  7" VINYL   (Torture Garden Pictures)   5.98

Along with that killer new 10" from the Monarch! garage-pop-punk-powerviolence alter ego Rainbow Of Death comes this new compilation 7" from Torture Garden Picture Company that holds, count 'em, twelve different grind pushers from across the globe - you get anywhere from one to three new jams each from bands like Finland's hyperspeed hardcore punkers Vaarinkasitys, Virginia's Aghast channel ultra-noisy Japanese hardcore, two songs from Rainbow Of Death (sadly, these aren't exclusive to this comp, as both songs also appear on their 10"), turbo speedcore vets Yacopsae (one of the fastest, tightest thrashcore bands on the freakin' planet!), raw-ass San Jose grinderz In Disgust, and a fucking awesome jam from Finnish noise-punk destroyers Kuolema, who have been kicking it since 1982! Plus blazing grind violence from Swedish blasters Netjajev SS, Thai thrash punkers Low Fat, Virginian crustmetal ragers Parasytic (who feature Erik from Alabama Thunderpussy in their ranks), groovy Spanish grindcore thugs Nashgul, Dutch blastnoise from Matka Teresa, and a face-smashing rendition of Frost's "Into The Crypts Of Rays" by Texans Insect Warfare. Dope! Noise not music, ya know? Honestly, I think this is the best grind/speed/blurr comp I've heard since the first Barbaric Thrash Detonation. And dig the sweet Cthulhu-esque cover art from Bill Hauser!