PARKER, EVAN + JOHN WIESE  C-Section  CD   (Second Layer)   12.98

My exposure to British free-jazz sax legend Evan Parker has been criminally limited up until till now, with this recently released collaboration with Cali noise technician (and former Bastard Noise member) John Wiese being the first full album from Parker that I've actually listened to. Now that I've discovered the guy, I can guarantee that I'll be chasing after the rest of his body of work soon enough; when I had been looking up information on the C-Section duo, I kept seeing Parker being referred to by jazz writers as the UK's equivalent to Peter Brotzmann, which in itself is enough to pique my interest, but after hearing C-Section, the fire has been well and truly lit. In early 2008, Wiese and Parker had teamed up for a handful of live improvised performances in the UK (as part of the "Free Noise Tour"), and were able to carve out some studio time in between the concerts. C-Section collects a set of four studio improvisations from this session that features Evan Parker setting off seemingly endless blasts of melodious skronk fueled by his trademark circular breathing technique against a seething undercurrent of electronic grit, malfunctioning tape noise and chaotic computer textures produced by Wiese. The electronic noise elements never overwhelm these tracks, instead acting more as a churning, sputtering backdrop of deformed circuit-blurt that Parker streaks across energetically. This never achieves the full-on furnace-blast fury of electronic/free jazz workouts from, say, Borbetomagus, but Parker and Wiese still slip into some moments of pure blistering mayhem. Good stuff. Limited to 1000 copies, packaged in a six-panel digicase.

Track Samples:
Sample : PARKER, EVAN + JOHN WIESE-C-Section
Sample : PARKER, EVAN + JOHN WIESE-C-Section