VARIOUS ARTISTS  Japanese Real Underground Statement  CD   (Negative Federal Fund)   11.98
Japanese Real Underground Statement IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Our pals from Exactly Violent Style hooked us up with this new compilation disc straight from Japan, showcasing 4 of the Japanese scum-grind undergrounds most zonked exports. Exactly Violent Style opens this comp up with 4 new jams of their insane nuke attack, part free-jazz-grind, part swampy NOLA style stoner grind, part epic n melodic Isis/Mogwai/Envy post-metal majesty. Freaking amazing. Here's what we said about their

self-titled album from a few months ago...."Absolutely insane blown-out noise grind chaos from Japan! EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE specializes in brutal blasts of freeform metalcore, a psychedelic feedback grind that makes up one of the most manic "hardcore" albums we've ever heard. And this is hardcore, but totally mutant and torn free from conventional structure and loaded with a million different tempo changes and lightning fast riffs n' axe squiggle. Imagine FUSHITSUSHA teaming up with BRUTAL TRUTH and DEADGUY... Or DISCORDANCE AXIS sitting in on some GRAVITAR jams. It's fucking insane. And amazingly catchy when the band falls into an epic, melodic indie-metal dirge....but this is mostly a skull-bashing session of heavy-duty, speedy, totally damaged hardcore riffs and avalanche drumming coalesce into a hellstorm of apocalyptic improv grind. It's like each of the three guys in EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE are playing a completely different song, each one complex and furious, all at the same time, a cacophony of blazing speed and anger, but instead of being a huge chaotic mess, it's a huge chaotic blast of totally pissed off power...." We fucking love this band, and this comp CD is worth it for the EVS songs alone.

EVS is followed by Sete Star Sept, who vomit 3 tracks of their gross speed metal/grindcore hybrid with raw production and PO'd gorilla vocals out the yin, complimented by some flame throwing guitar solos straight offa Reign In Blood, and some unexpected major key doominess that sheds some light on their filth. Then there is Cunts, offering up a single live track, "Live At Budokan In 2005", which showcases their utterly retarded/regressive/cathartic vocal/drums improv. Freeform grindcore drumming bashes skulls with a mental patient having an amplified meltdown. Finally, Hell Missionells wrap it up with 4 tracks of over-the-top thrash metal/grind/metalcore that sounds like it was ripped straight out of 1991, with awesome screaming guitar solos and crazed dual vocals and city-killing deathcore breakdowns. All in all, this is a pretty shredding snapshot of the Japanese grind underbelley circa 2006. Minimalist jewel case packaging.