MELEK-THA + DAPNOM  Omnium Finis Imminen  2 x CD   (Fire Of Fire)   11.99

Like the Nadja double CD we have listed in this week's new arrivals list, Omnium Finis Imminent is another double disc set that has been designed

to have both discs played at the same time on different sound systems in order to create a layered quadrophonic listening experience. I was stoked when I

heard that Melek-Tha and Dapnom had teamed up to do a release like this, as I've been a fan of both artists for awhile. It took awhile to get the time to do

it, but I finally pulled my copy of Omnium out a few hours ago and sat in near-darkness here in my office with both discs synced up and spinning.

And let me tell you, it's some pretty creepy shit. Both artists are from France and have ties to the French black metal scene, and the satanic influence of

French BM fully permeates the dark industrial ambience of both Melek-Tha and Dapnom. Spun seperately, each disc has a similar sound, deep subterranean drones and ghostly ambience swirled with unsettling spoken word pieces, pounding tribal percussion, swells of distorted low-end, with Melek-Tha coming from a slightly more industrial angle (this is "Supreme Apocalyptik Dark Ritual", after all) while Dapnom (the primary project from the mysterious Meldhkwis, who we have covered here at C-Blast before with his other black-ambient project Aymrev Erkroz Prevre) extrapolates upon both the melted satanic ambience of Moevot and the pure isolationist terror of Lustmord. When played simultaneously on two different sound systems though, this is a breathtaking tumble straight into the pit, with the buzzing of locusts surrounding the echoing pound of ritual drums, hallucinatory electronics intermingling with the horrified whispers of the dead, nocturnal ambience slowly becoming consumed with swells of symphonic strings, each track wall of slowly building sound, a nightmarish vision of hell that threatens to consume the listener. This dual disc performance is extremely impressive, and enthusiasts of black industrial/dark ambience/goat-worshipping grimness should check this out. Limited to 500 copies, and released by Fire Of Fire, a sub-label of black metal powerhouse Ajna Offensive.

Track Samples:
Sample : MELEK-THA + DAPNOM-Omnium Finis Imminen