VARIOUS ARTISTS  Locked Grooves  2 x 7"   (Little Mafia)   9.98

Very cool concept: Little Mafia's Locked Grooves double 7" set features 2 EPs of heavy drone/psych/improv that have been mastered to play backwards. Each track begins at the inside groove and plays outward, eventually ending in a locked groove at the lip of the record where it plays into eternity. Subarachnoid Space founder Mason Jones' cut offers up some beautiful guitar soundscapes and eletronic effects that coalesce into gorgeous drone fields...excellent stuff that Troum fans will love. Cock E.S.P.'s blistering "Cock VH1" is another blast of brutal improv-electronics demolition. Total freaking destruction. Ashtray Navigations drapes a thick, heavy curtain of melodic amplifier drone and lovely overtones, like a psych-folk Earth...our fave track on this release, very beautiful and heavy and LOUD, the locked groove at the end sending a distant bleating radar ping spiralling out into the abyss. And Fellaheen wraps the set up nicely with a loose blast of free-jazz/punk shred/improv entitled "Brotzmann", their tenor sax/electric bass/drums lineup scuttling up cliffsides and emitting roars of octopoidal noise. Released in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies. The two EPs are wrapped in a cool silkscreened foldover sleeve that is held together by a metal bolt (easily openable, though).