VARIOUS ARTISTS  Most Unwanted : Electronic Compilation 2006  LP   (Borft)   15.98
Most Unwanted : Electronic Compilation 2006 IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Super limited (300 copies) LP compilation of international electronic drone/free/noise mediums: Interzone inc, Treriksröset, CPU, Jeanne Fremaux, Inyurmania, Maor Appelbaum, Alvars orkester, Commando Laarz, Goz mongo alliance, Smell & quim, En halvkokt i folie, Eugenics council, FDASFDA, Five o´clock traffic, Sewer election & Enema syringe all appear on this black slab. Borft and the whole gang have assembled a flowing compendium of totally intoxicating deep space/back hole electronics that ranks as one of the best wyrd-circuitry comps of 2006...from the goatness of the cover art, to the manifestations of Lustmord-ian abyss ambience, stoned free jazz utterances, some exquisite amplifier feedback droneology, Lovecraftian cosmic synth burbling, and charred post-punk noise burnout, this comes off like a Black Mass of deep outtsider electronica.