VARIOUS ARTISTS  Noise  3 x CD BOXSET   (Public Guilt)   14.98

Oh man, this is ridiculous. If you're at all following what's going on in the current "noise" underground and are digging the multi-faceted, diverse ranges

of heavy abstraction that's happening right now, then friend, you're going to love this massive feast of electrical chaos. Curated by no less than

three labels operating at the fringes of underground noise/metal/rock (Public Guilt, Epicene Sound System, and Underadar, all three long-time favorites here

at C-Blast), and spread out across three full length CDs filled to the lip with exclusive and semi-exclusive material from just about every static-charged

band of psychonauts currently active as of 2005-2007. 225 minutes long, this compendium took over a year and a half to assemble, and the final product is

stunning: each of the three discs are attached by hubs to individual cards that have screenprinted artwork on one side, and liner notes/track listings on the

other; these are collected, along with an additional insert of boxset credits and artwork, in a 5" x 6" x 1" kraft paper box which is then wrapped with a red

paper band printed in gold ink. There are four visual artists involved with the screenprints, with 2 pieces each from Shaun Flynn (of Wzt Hearts, Christopher

White (of Magicicada), Jason Zeh (as himself) and Matthew Reis (Teeth Collection); all four also contributed tracks to the compilation. It's a beautifully

realized boxset, and and the lineup is serious:

Disc 1 features one track each from Black Meat, Door, Noveller, Jason Zeh, Teeth Collection, Earwicker, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Gerritt, Sonic Youth's

Thurston Moore, Wzt Hearts, Skullcaster, Steve Bradley, Wether, Mermaids, Strotter Inst., Mike Shiflet, Leslie Keffer, and Magicicada.

Disc 2 features Burning Star Core, Oblong Box, Aughra, Travis Ryan, Donna Parker, Robert Inhuman, Yellow Tears, 1thousand holy shards, Back from Iraq, Sick

Ill Cell, Dead Machines, Herpes ÷ DeLuxe, The Cherry Point, Scutopus, Ben S. Jacobs, Blango, Decimation Blvd., Ultra//Vires, Subterrane, Destructo

Swarmbots, and Darsombra.

And Disc 3 has Panicsville, OP Rechts, Bet Hell, Gerritt & John Wiese, Josh Lay, Cotton Museum, Big China/Little Trouble, Forbes Graham, Small Life, Iovae,

Heirs of Rockefeller, Perfect Teeth, Hum of the Druid, Sword Heaven, Tonight Golden Curls, and Guilty Connector.

Holy shit. And the range of diversity on this compilation is huge - you get everything from death electronics and possessed metal clatter, psychedelic

cosmic doomtroniks, harsh dronescapes, icy, glacial dronescapes, beautiful futuristic New Age dronescapes, overloaded glitch/guitar feverdreams, drug-fueled

improvised scap metal rituals, funeral marches for diseased toys, blown-out melodic blasts of fuzz, demonic blacknoise assaults, ghostly feedback hauntings,

rumbling wall noise, and of course, lots of mind-melting, ear-destroying, psychotropic HARSH NOISE DESTRUCTION. Some of the standout tracks I tripped out on

the first time I listened to this included Josh Lay's charred and sludgy necro-trip-hop, the crushing tribal Swans dirge of Sword Heaven's "Skinned & Glued",

Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation unleashing a blast of apocalyptic ambient doomsludge, another skeleton-disintegrating dose of crushing sludge-noise from

our personal favorites Yellow Tears, some awesome, obliterating free-improv noise rock/noisecore/noise terror from Teeth Collection, Black Meat's hyperspeed

electronic noisecore, Thurston Moore and his crushing guitar-noise freakout, and Darsombra's awesome Earth/Thrones-esque beatless sludge rock. This is

already in the running for coolest compilation of 2007 - noise/avant/heavy drone/abstract sludge fans aren't going to want to miss this. Highly recommended.