VARIOUS ARTISTS  No Tribute: Music Of The Nihilistic Spasm Band  CD   (Little Mafia)   11.98
No Tribute: Music Of The Nihilistic Spasm Band IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Out of print, we just snagged the last few copies from the label! No Tribute is a 24 band tribute album to The Nihilistic Spasm Band.

Formed in Canada in 1965, the Nihilistic Spasm Band have become legendary for their boundry exploding free-noise aesthetic and have influenced an entire

generation of instrument abusers across the globe. This compilation has a killer lineup of modern noise, improv, and free-destruction outfits paying homage

to The Nihilistic Spasm Band through reinvention and subversion of the original music. Just check this out: Hijokaidan, Wolf Eyes, Alan Licht, Smell & QUim,

V/VM, Carlos Giffoni, Reynols, Cock E.S.P., Baku, U Can Unlearn Guitar, The Pin Vs. Bellchamber, Unconditional Loathing, Jacopo Andreini, Winter Carousel,

Roughage, Dapper, Madame Chao, Inca Eyeball, Del, Pengo, Panicsville, Wrong, Newton, and Glands Of External Secretion. Holy shit. 72 minutes long,

released in a limited edition of 500. We only have a couple in stock, so move fast!