VARIOUS ARTISTS  Obsolete View  CD   (Rectrix, The)   7.98

Three underground blackened ambient / corroded drone industrial acts on one full length cd. HOLLOWING bring a mind-melting sonic barrage, aggressive as

ever. Tribal electronic rhythms, paranoid sampling, and a sick and twisted world view. AERE AETERNUS gives us a serene and gripping neoclassical ambient

mixture, featuring two members of the Dark Sanctuary cult. And METANEMFROST unveils minimal twisting rhythmic structures flirting with the psychotic void of

uncertainty. First, Hollowing gives us 3 tracks of unsettling apocalyptic electronics. 'Call to Arms: Xowardice' has a martial feel, with threatening

percussion and militant vocal samples. The song starts rather bare and minimal, which is effective as an introduction. Towards the end of the song it gets a

bit stranger and more chaotic and nosiy. The next track is a 12-minute tranquil soundscape, with rumbling machinery and guitar ambience in the background.

After a few minutes some brooding horn sounds are introduces, followed by noisy rhythmic blasts. Halfway it really gets loud and aggressive. Towards the end

the song slows, and even incorporates some piano. Strange machines whirrr in the background. 'Convergence upon the Biopsychic' starts with some triumphant

straightforward drumming. Shrill noises and filthy voices are added to the mix, as well as gritty drones and buzz. A strange, short composition.Aere Aeternus

offer 4 tracks, filled with neo-classical ambience. Epic cinematic atmospheres abound on 'Of suicide, pain and old age', a track that is classical in nature,

yet infests itself with some difficult industrial elements and slightly bombastic drums. Awesome. 'Uselees, the obsolete view' is a track of VERY dark

ambient, ulta low subterranean thrum to make your speakers rumble.And 'I should have missed my birth' features some subtle acoustic guitar work and nice

atmospheric drones. Their last contribution is a long, experimental ambient track, with unsettling high tones piercing the drift. As the composition

progresses it gains in volume and fullness, developing more and more interesting layers of sound.Last but not least is Metanemfrost, aproject of Adhab Al-

Farhan, born in the Philippines, and also active in a few metal projects. 'Chtonian' starts with a dark orchestral intro, a la Puissance. But then the music

shifts to a spacious, atmospheric sound, filled with slow and repetive, powerful beats. Very nice. 'Black Flames' of Phlegethon' is more noisy and dense, but

with a beautiful classical outro. 'Empire Ablaze' nicely builds up the tension, with subtle changing rhythms and electronic sounds. 'Ancient Blood

Scriptures' is a ritual soundscape, which invokes obscure ceremonies, performed in deep hidden cellars. Finally 'The Black Vortex' reminds one of classic

power electronics, with very low, distorted beats crunching through the grit. All in all an exciting collection of three experimental electronics artists

that covers a variety of dark electronic styles. Comes packaged in a nice full color wallet. Another stellar release from THE RECTRIX.