VARIOUS ARTISTS  Secrets And Sounds  CD   (Animal Disguise)   11.98

A great mix of true basement noise/rock/blast freakdom circa 2004 from Animal Disguise, which has quickly become one of my favorite labels currently dealing

in this sort of challenging ear mess. This disc is jam packed at 74 minutes, with 22 previously unreleased, exclusive jams from artists with releases on

Animal Disguise (Football Rabbit, Viki, Mammal, Growing, Meerk Puffy), and friends and affiliates of the AD imprint, including more well known names like

Hair Police, Prurient, Neon Hunk, and Sinking Body, amongst others. It's a solid comp with killer cuts from all involved, and you couldn't ask for a more

varied buffet of noisy destruction: blown-out noise/scum rock seizures from Hair Police and Football Rabbit; gnarly, infectious noise-electro-pop-trash and

strange beat experiments from Viki, Libythth, Panama, Meerk Puffy, ROTFLOL, The Lowdown, Ferox Head, and Neon Hunk; crushing electronic power, junk noise

sculptures, and psychedelic circuit mangle from Prurient, Arnoux, Nautical Almanac, Zombi, Liger, Charles Lareau, Smashed Femur Dance Party, Ton B, Sinking

Body; Mammal's head exploding techno corrosion; Cipher Fox's kaleidoscope of maximalist electronic fractal-melody that makes me think of newer Growing

material on crack; and the too-brief kosmiche blissout from Growing themselves that closes out the compilation, entitled "F-4 Phantom Flying Overhead". One

of the best scene snapshots since the Old Tyme Lemonade compilation.