VARIOUS ARTISTS  Senza Tregua  LP   (Enterruption)   14.98

Man, this LP is nothing but MAXIMUM FANG from the heydey of noisey Italian hardcore (we're talking 1983 here), each band offering a savage primitivism and

raw weirdness that's totally "out" compared to almost anything you'd wanna call hardcore, yet start-to-end, this is total ferociousness and speed, a

snaggletoothed mixtape of grade-A aggro. Senza Tregua is a commemorative vinyl re-issue of the seminal cassette comp originally released through BCT

Tapes back in 1983...fans of Italian hardcore just need to see the lineup on this mother: CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, STATO DI POLIZIA (SDP GR), WARDOGS,

PUTRID FEVER, I REFUSE IT!, TRAUMATIC, and JUGGERNAUT. Crucial. These are manic, super noisy, totally pissed punk disasters from all involved, every song

coming apart at the seams and whipping out ridiculously catchy hooks with some completely OFF THE CHARTS guitar playing, but each band has their own amazing

style too, the grooves on this LP overflowing with pure raw energy and anti-social slobber that makes me want to climb the walls. EVERY SONG on this

shreds, but we really freaked out over the eardrum bursting feedback-infested political 'core of STATO DI POLIZIA, the out-of-control speedcore slop

of WARDOGS, SKULL SHREDDING thrash from CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, and I REFUSE IT!'s unreal speed/art/thrash that just freaking wasted us.

Obviously essential for fans of Italian/international hardcore from the 80's, we also gotta suggest this comp to any lunk that thinks BAD BRAINS were the

final word in totally weird, awesome, bouncing-off-the-walls hardcore thrash! Edition of 1000 copies, released by our pals at Enterruption, who have also put

out essential items from GRAVITAR, LARSEN, and GODSTOMPER. Comes in a gorgeous Winston Smith -illustrated sleeve, with a dope liner-note loaded booklet