VARIOUS ARTISTS  Showtunes Of The Condemned  CD   (Hospital Productions)   9.98

Another cool compilation from Hospital, this time gathering together anywhere from 1-4 songs each from SINKING BODY, PLEASUREHORSE, KITES, WORK/DEATH,

SMASHED FEMUR DANCE PARTY, and MEERK PUFFY. Lots and lots of terrific urban buzzsaw drone-noise, nuclear-wasteland techno, and danceable test tones ,often

driven by some mutant ultradistorted beat or pulse. Low-fi fuzz skitters across ambient soundscapes, gonzo sound collages rot before your ears, while other

tracks deliver pounding and terminally funky powernoise rhythms. Each artist has about 15 minutes of stuff on here, so you get a great big bag of primo

Providence,RI outsider-electronica and noise freakouts. Booklet includes a "short story of contemporary mythology" from Scott Wilson.