VARIOUS ARTISTS  Six Doors  CD   (Housepig)   11.98

A powerful presentation of modern extreme waveform manipulators. This six-way split CD features six epic tracks, each one clocking in at around 11-12 minutes

in length, from Unicorn, Aube, Bastard Noise, Luasa Raelon, Guilty Connector and Tabata, and Oblong Box. Unicorn offer "Sleeper Wave", a gentle Rhodes piano

melodic figure blossoming slowly into purring drone hiss, quite meditative and just as cool as last year's stellar Playing With Light material.

Japan's Aube follows with "Shackle", an epic pipe fight and metallic scrape feast, generating skin crawling tension over it's 12 minute duration. The mighty

Bastard Noise resurfaces with "Flesh Near Automation", which begins as broootal death drone with Wood's signature monster vocals proclaiming endtime over

caveman electronics and distortion gristle, but then morphs into a gorgeous shimmering hissing drone that's more akin to Maeror Tri, Troum, and Sunroof! than

the usual violence we'd expect from Bastard Noise. Awesome! Luasa Raelon "Infradimensional" is another beautifully depressing and ominous slab of dark

ambient drone, similiar in feel to the heavy shit presented on the Poison City album released on Eibon last year. Moaning submerged synths glide

underwater, beneath a swirling miasma of black oil, buzzing UV electronics, and distant industrial loops, connecting the dots between Bastard Noise at their

most subdued, and the nightmare drift of Lustmord. This is followed by "France Oscillation From Limbo", a masterpiece of squiggly bashed electronics and

transcendent guitar drone from the duo of Guilty Connector and Mitsuru Tabata, K.K. Null's co-guitarist in Japanese heavies Zeni Geva. Howling feedback tones

and wildly oscillating electronics are tempered by a subtle melodic structure, and this track becomes a highly hypnotic dronework filled with detail and

slowly shifting melodic figures, a psychedelic merger of heavy pedal-stomping noise with psychedelic electro drones, guitar ambience, and minimalist strokes,

like Oren Ambarchi and K.K. Null fusing together in a ten minute vertical stream. Oblong Box wrap this compendium up with "The Knife That Cuts The Handler",

another forbidding drone creepout with moaning chant vocals and buzzing cable hum and midnight ambient float that reminds us of Troum and Yen Pox and bad,bad

dreams. Six tracks, 71 minutes, highly recommended to drone/drift/ambient noise fans...every track here is a keeper.