VARIOUS ARTISTS  Spill Your Guts Friend  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   5.98

Do you need an injection of paint peeling early 90's noise/punk damage? This DIY tape compilation compiled and released by Stomache Ache Records will

deliver. This comp features about 40 minutes or so of weird noise improv, scorching noisy punk rock, and fucked up heaviness from the likes of GG Allin, ANA,

Emil Beaulieau, Bringdownzz, Brown Supper, Faxed Head, Gerogerigegege, Needles, Out Cold, Lee Ranaldo, Royal Trux, Specula, Squirmbo, Steeplesnakes, Gregg

Turkington, and also includes a vocal/cut-up intro from Eye Yamatsuka of Boredoms/Hanatarash ! Cool shit, a perfect soundtrack for your next 'Tussin binge in

the basement with your buds. The tape comes in a regular tape case with a green cardstock xeroxed sleeve.