MAKOTO, KAWABATA  The Tales Of The Dream Planet  CD   (Housepig)   9.98

With a solo Kawabata Makoto at the helm and some terrifically cheesy album graphics (of a naked woman doing yoga while floating around the cosmos), you'd probably think that this is going to be a spacey psych-rock freak-out along the lines of Acid Mothers Temple. That's not the case though; instead the AMT mastermind presents a disc of epic guitar drones that are more like the industrial post-rock ambience of Troum and the improv guitar drones of Oren Ambarchi. And it's all pretty great, perfect late night music to drift off to, the first track going on for forty-six minutes (yikes!), the second slightly shorter at just seventeen minutes long. Both pieces focus on extended guitar drones and amp ambience stretched into vast cloud formations that are run through various effects and end up sounding a lot like longform synth drones. The first, "She Came from the Shining Sea", reminds me of Tangerine Dream mixed with the isolationist ambient of Lull and Main, light shimmering drones and ethereal chordal drift softly swirling, while darker waves of lower-frequency drone hovering just beneath the surface. The second track "Kiss on the Dream Planet" is more minimal, an expanse of soft feedback and swells of low muted tones, not unlike the ultra-minimal experiments in drone from Kevin Drumm's recent offerings. Excellent cosmic guitardrone that comes as a surprise coming from someone more associated with high-octane acid guitar mayhem and ultra-distorted psychedelia. The disc comes in a full-color plastic dvd snapcase and is limited to five hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : MAKOTO, KAWABATA-The Tales Of The Dream Planet
Sample : MAKOTO, KAWABATA-The Tales Of The Dream Planet