VARIOUS ARTISTS  Triad  CD   (Neurot)   11.98

Neurot presents this three-way split that showcases three of the label's newer outfits, Made Out Of Babies, Red Sparowes, and Battle Of Mice. Red Sparowes

have already made quite a name for themselves with a couple of really well-received albums of moody, explosive instrumental rock epics, and here they offer

two live tracks recorded at KFJC's 'Live in the Pit' series, "Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes" and "Buildings Began To

Stretch Wide Across The Sky, And The Air Filled With A Reddish Glow", both as massive and panoramic as their verbose titles would suggest. The recording of

these live jams is PERFECT, sounds like they could be studio tracks, both beautiful winding blasts of melodic shimmering distortion and symphonic walls of

spacey fuzz, steadily climbing twin guitars, propulsive drumming and proggy basslines building and exploding into crushing cosmic crunch. Totally amazing and

stirring - these guys have definitely formed their own language of instrumental majesty , but if you're also a fan of Mono, Explosions In The Sky, Souvenir's

Young America, you'll love Red Sparowes.

Battle Of Mice, who have quickly become one of my new favorite bands, contributes two tracks to this disc: "Sleep & Dream" and "Lamb & The Labrador", both

of which appeared in slightly different form on their album A Day Of Nights (which is listed elsewhere in this weeks store update). BOM features a

member of Red Sparowes and Made Out Of Babies singer Julie Christmas; if you've heard Made Out Of Babies, then you're already familiar with Christmas' unique

vocals. Her singing style shifts between a creepy, breathy little-girl voice, sultry hushed whispering, and fucking fierce screams that she really

belts out, and for Battle Of Mice she leans more towards the softer singing, at times reminding me a little bit of Bjork. The music has some of Made Out Of

Babies aggressive noise-rock crunch, and there's also a celestial quality that reminds me of both Red Sparowes and Isis a little, rolling tribal drumming,

ominous melodic shadows and monstrous sludgy metal riffs, super creepy and catchy and icy vibes, a menacing mutant alt-metal unlike anything else out there.

I can't fucking wait till their upcoming split with Jesu comes out!

Then it's Made Out Of Babies closing this out, again with Julie Christmas singing, but much more agressively, her harrowing screams and dramatic croon

trading off as the band busts out "Gunt" and "Proud To Drown", histrionic eruptions of percussive post-Am Rep metal, lurching angular riffage and pounding

beats that bash it out like an apocalyptic meeting of PJ Harvey, NYC pigfuck, brooding metallic postrock figures and Jesus Lizard street sleaze.

Comes in a full color case with awesome artwork from Seldon Hunt.

Track Samples: