VARIOUS ARTISTS  Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion  CD   (Mandragora)   9.98

This compilation from 2001 features a cross-section of some of the heavy psych-noise-rock underground's best, and charts several streams in the damaged space

rock / free noise paniverse. There's some crushing freeform amp-death-drone from Robot Vs. Rabbit that combines Total, Earth, Sunn O))), and Skullflower into

a single chainsaw mantra that'll kill planets... Pink Floyd meets Circle hypno-rock sorcery of Japan's Mandog... some gloriously wasted Boredoms -on-acid

jamming from Acid Mother's Temple, who unleash a nicely fucked Cotton Casino-led cosmic freakout...Primordial Mind's waves of anti-gravitational amplifier

hate...drugged space-prog splatter from Interferents... Escapade offers up waves of howling synth noise backed by thunderous drum rolls on the Krautrock /

psyche dream "It Gets Banished Forever", and the mighty Reynols gives us another slice of their surrealist shamanic splatter prayer, like a Catholic high

mass taking place on the set of Conan The Barbarian. Finnish trance rock heavies Circle delivers more spacious ambient journeys with "Harmaat",

while Pine Tree State Mind Control's proto-industrial drone chug exhumes the corpse of early Chrome and rattles walls. Theres lots more too, a killer heavy

comp that could well be the equivalent of No Mew York for the modern heavy cosmic-gunk-rock underground.