VARIOUS ARTISTS  Waterloo  CD   (Underhill)   5.00

You want a four-course meal of some of the progressive metalcore/sludge bands the Spanish underground currently has on offer? Look no further than this full

length, 4-way split which features multiple exclusive tracks from Moho, Moksha, Adrift, and Another Kind Of Death. Waterloo is actually the name of a heavy

music festival in Madrid that featured these four bands, so this is kind of an event program showcasing each band's twist on contemporary metallic hardcore.

Madrid's own Another Kind Of Death open Waterloo with three tracks of fierce, technical metalcore with heavy grind elements; I was already familiar

with 'em from their No Signal album on Red Cobalt from a couple of years ago, and these tracks continue to dish out the complex, super-rocking

heaviness with weird intricate polyrhythms, spacey FX textures, and vicious layered vocals, sort of a cross between Botch and older Cave In. Also from

Madrid, Adrift follow with an even more progressive take on churning metalcore crunch, their first two songs featuring hypnotic mathrock guitar figures and

droning metallic riffage weaving around crushing drumming that surges in epileptic fits. Super complicated and proggy, and reminding me of everything from

Neurosis to Meshuggah to Pelican all at the same time. But their third track "Paseo por el Nilo" shifts gears as it opens with a brooding ambient guitar chug

that sounds a little like something off of Earth's Pentastar before the rest of the band kicks in with a huge lumbering riff, turning the song into

a massive menacing doom instrumental, then giving way to an extended math rock workout with chiming angular guitar lines and rubbery basslines that squirm

around the drummer's dynamic offtime beats. Imagine a more convoluted, prog-rock take on Isis' chugging dronemetal jams on Celestial. Ultra heavy

and very cool.

Next up is Moksha, who crank up the aggression level even more with their fast paced doomcore assault that sounds like a combination of Entombed's later

death n' roll stuff, burly grind-influenced hardcore, some slight psychedelic elements a la spacey effects floating around in the background, and that weird

shit that German chaoscore pushers Systral were doing on their last album when they suddenly decided to start applying Motorhead riffs to their atomic-blast

Teutonic meltdowns. In other words, Moksha's jams are mega rocking, you could almost call this stoner boogie riff-rock if it didn't have so many chaotic

blastbeats, fucked-up rhythm changes, weird electronic effects, and straight up deathcore breakdowns tossed into their fiery raveups.

Last is the longrunning Spanish power-trio Moho, who you've probably already heard if you follow the Shifty Records/Throne orbit of DIY sludge rock. They've

only got two tracks here, but each run 6-9 minutes long and are chock full of Moho's trademark molten riffage, raspy ripped screams and ridiculously swampy

groove. Midpaced bluesy stoner crush downshifts into sticky slabs of gargantuan Sabbathian sludge. Essentially the Spanish answer to Buzzoven, early Floor,

High On Fire, and Weedeater. Their last track "El Segador" is a freaking streetcleaner, laying down one of the heaviest, most droning and hypnotic sludge

riffs on the whole disc that seems to pound away at forever.

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Waterloo
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Waterloo
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Waterloo
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Waterloo