VARIOUS ARTISTS  We Would Be Happy: A Noise Opera  CD   (Little Mafia)   5.00

Noise opera? As weird as that idea might seem, We Would Be Happy does largely focus on a bizarre, surreal story arc formed out of singing,

transgressive monologues, and downright weird ranting from French noise/performance/outsider artist Jean-Louis Costes, who was formerly a member of the

Suckdog Circus, the agit-art performance group whose actions were centered around the noise music "operas" written by Costes and Lisa Suckdog. We Would

Be Happy is a composed work that continues in that spirit, a dark dreamlike narrative with Costes and Cock E.S.P.'s Elyse some unnamed human drama, his

violent rambling the counterpoint to Elyse's sinister suggestions of love, rape, and castration. Their story is underscored by a combination of eerie minimal

drones and crushing harsh noise material both composed by and collaborated on by a truly impressive lineup of extreme noise heavyweights, namely

Lasse Marhaug, K.K. Null, Richard Ramirez, Smell & Quim, Cock E.S.P., and Costes. This album is definitely something different from any other heavy noise

album we've heard, and is an unsettling psychic journey. Heavy.