VARIOUS ARTISTS  Where Is My Robotic Boot  2 x CD   (Hydra Head)   15.98

The compilation gets no love anymore. That sad fact is probably due to the sheer number of shitty, ill-advised compilations that labels have put out with no

unifying theme or context over the years. But for me, there's a sort of adventurous spirit that I feel that I tap into whenever I get my hands on a

really well-assembled compilation, one that has a single completed thought that ties together all of the songs and artists gathered together. And I

think that the best compilations are the ones that have a personal feel, like a mix tape that you assemble for a friend, with all sorts of diverse

sounds that have been matched up to convey a certain feeling, or idea, or a moment in time, every band thought about ahead of time, each song hand picked,

staying up late sitting in front of your stereo compiling all of these killer tunes and sounds that you really want your friend to hear, because you

want them to flip out over these jams just as much as you did the first time you heard them. Well, Where Is My Robotic Boot totally has that same

vibe, collecting a shitload of bands and artists from across the spectrum of contemporary avant-metal and heavy electronic drone music, with a rad mix of

more well known names that are tight with the Hydra Head compound, and newer, way more obscure bands that the HH guys think you should know about. Each of

the two discs in this set focus on a different end of that spectrum...the first disc has the drone/noise jams, with tracks from Kid606, Final, Shifts,

Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O)) and Khanate, Craig Dongoski, Tribes Of Neurot, Merzbow, and Monotonos. All of which present killer contributions, ranging from

the blissed out grit of Justin Broadrick's Final, to a crushing slab of electronic noise from Merzbow, to Craig Dongowski's eerily intricate shortwave radio

ghost voices. The second disc brings out the metal guns, with spastic, chaotic post-grind from Jan Michael Vincent Car Crash and The Abandoned Hearts Club,

to the Am Rep/Big Black/Godflesh jackhammer of The Austerity Program, Gezoleen's caustic black-hole rock, mental grinding cut-up from Phantomsmasher, an

AWESOME shred workout from Orthrelm, and a live recording of Khanate's "German Dental Work" live on WFMU. Highly recommended to everyone. One of the best

compilations to come out lately, really. To top it all off, the packaging has wonderful glitch chaos artwork from Seldon Hunt and liner notes from Jim Haynes

putting everything in perspective.