VARIOUS ARTISTS  Ah! Quelle Belle Journee  CD   (Amanita)   5.00

We've unearthed this obscure 1994 compilation from French avant rock label Amanita that features an exclusive mix of international avant- electro/beatbox heaviness, experimental hardcore, and Euro-style SONIC YOUTH worship, with most of the artists providing multiple tracks. You get some mutant outsider hip hop from NY's KRACKHOUSE, and some heavy industrial electro-metal from ESCARE, awesome noisy improvised hardcore from FREICORE. The VOODOOMUZAK tracks here are totally unlike anything else we've heard from them, weirdly layered and cut up and brutal snarling noise rock, and only begins to hint at the intricate polyrythmic post-rock of their recent material at the very end of their second song on here. Weird. This is followed by JAYWALKER's narcoleptic, Sonic Youth / Dinosaur Jr. worshipping indie rock, which is quite good. RWA does a manic mix of chaotic, noisy hardcore and bebop/free jazz which is pretty ripping. You'll also find some wonky noiserock from XRATEDX, the icy howl of KILL THE THRILL 's "Jesus And Mary Chain on a Sonic Youth and Wax Trax binge", WOO's stoned free jazz/punk/no wave skronk, and ONE ARM's killer no wave/dance punk. Rad. 19 tracks, over seventy-five minutes of music. Comes in a Bruno Richard designed digipack with a long fold out booklet built into the packaging.