VARIOUS ARTISTS  Does Time Affect Memory?  2 x CD   (Amanita)   5.00

Another killer mixtape from our fave French noise/hypno/post rock label Amanita, this time in the form of the sprawling double compact disc set Does Time Affect Memory, an expansive overview of avant rock and noise scene surrounding the Amanita/Trost/Trottel labels, circa 1998, which were (and still are, in the case of Amanita) spitting out some absolutely awesome underground experimental music. Most of this stuff is either exclusive to the compilation, or is totally out of print in their original form, making this comp the last place to grab these tracks. Some of our favorite tracks on here include the GODLIKE heavy post-rock/drone rock of FUEHLER with "Am Werk", a gorgeous life-affirming mix of Don Cab meets Mogwai meets Rhys Chatham/Glenn Branca/Band Of Susans sheets of sky-bursting guitar drone and motorik rock that makes our hearts leap everytime we hear it...one of our favorite songs from one of out favorite bands EVER...there's some killer Carl Stalling-gone-no wave jazz skronk from Ron Anderson, and wheezy boing-boing prog from The Molecules...the heartbreaking "Ballad Of The Panatonic" from Miss Murgatroid,an epic, beautiful elegy played on an accordion and upright bass, sounding both ancient and brilliantly modern...so incredibly beautiful. Finnish hypno rock legends CIRCLE drop "Argont", yet another killer drone/kraut jam with angelic dream synths and epic payoff. SPACEHEADS drift on magnificent Spanish horns and droning, shimmering ambient loops with "Those Stately Fools In Granite Ships". And theres tons of other great stuff on here too, like the no wave/Euro free jazz/improv skronk of Splatter Trio, RWA, Figurehead, Happy New Year, and Raeo, the sweet chamber pop/prog of Scrooge, utterly weird, witchy (and distinctly European) prog-folk from Shunatao and Pest, sci-fi noise murk from Phased 4, cool avant dub pop from Badgewearer, post punk-meets-avant pop from Zuno Men, Fin De Sciecle, Headbutt, and Trottel, nocturnal jet engine/streetlight/ping-pong psych-drone and trance loops of Nid, D.A.R.K.,TV Pow, and Climax Golden Twins, unclassifiable tribal clatter weirdness from Konic Thtr and Keuhkot, moaning glitchtronics from Gino Robair, and

VoodooMuzak's looping live-action drum n' bass/free jazz fueled post rock freakout. 27 bands, 131 minutes...an afternoons worth of quality Euro avant rock listening. Does Time Affect Memory comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve that folds out to 4 panels, with eyeburning Bolino-designed artwork.