SLAUGHTERED LAMB, THE  The Path Of Ashen Bone  3" CDR   (Black Goat)   5.98

A limited 3" CD from the Cali duo The Slaughtered Lamb, whose members are also part of Welter In Thy Blood and A Taste For Decay, all members of the closely-knit roster surrounding the Black Goat label, a tiny imprint that specializes in starless, stygian depths of black sonic void. It's a similar sound going on here, a mix of abstract noise and blackened doom and bleak nightmare ambience, but The Slaughtered Lamb gets even more abstract, more formless compared to Welter In Thy Blood, using a limited palette of guitar, bass and noise to sculpt a form of minimal industrial blackdoom. This disc features two lengthy tracks, the first more ambient and droning, the second heavier and more chaotic.

First up is "A Cold Beneath", eight minutes of minimal black drone, crawling dungeon ambience, distant swells of distorted low end, a muted riff drifting across a yawning black void, like the sound of a doom metal band playing at the bottom of the ocean, totally devoid of forward movement, just a heavy, formless black fog slowly undulating in the depths.

The second track "The Black Lodge" is much heavier, almost fourteen minutes of slow swirling clouds of ghastly graveyard mist and howling winds, far off metal scrape and clank echoing in the distance, deep whispering voices blending in with the susurrant breath of demons, then finally after a few minutes the guitars enter, a massive blackened doom-laden heaviness hovering overhead, blackened and menacing, slicing through the oppressive sonic fog, the vocals now becoming scorched, bestial screams swooping through the swirling black drift, a shapeless, monstrous black industrial crawl devoid of percussion or propulsion. Eventually the heaviness and harshness slowly falls away bit by bit, until the last few minutes become a bleak, minimal wash of low drones and black ether.

Released in a limited hand-numbered edition of 100 copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : SLAUGHTERED LAMB, THE-The Path Of Ashen Bone
Sample : SLAUGHTERED LAMB, THE-The Path Of Ashen Bone