MUTIILATION  Live In Germendorf, Germany  DVD-R   (Pagan Flames Productions)   11.00

One of the infamous members of the French Black Legions in the early 90's along with bands like Belketre, Vlad Tepes, Mogoutre, Brenoritvrezorkre, Torgeist, DvnaŤbkre and MoŽvŲt, and responsible for one of the LLN's most outrageously fucked sounding demos, Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood , Mutiilation, like so many of the bands that were affiliated with this weird little scene of satanic French teenagers, has been surrounded by various rumors and speculation throughout their existence. They managed to be the only band from this sect to stick around beyond the 90's, too, but albums have been few and far between, and unfortunately their more recent work hasn't quite captured the same delirious weirdness and extremity of their earlier, skuzzier stuff. Since the band is so under-documented, I jumped at the chance to get a handful of copies of this ultra-low-budget dvd of a live Mutiilation show from 2001; the quality turned out to be about the level of low-fi public access quality footage I had been expecting, but what are you going to do? I don't think that we can look forward to Mutiilation hitting these shores at any point.

This amateur dvd is a grotty, shot-on-video performance from Mutiilation that was filmed during the Under the Black Sun Festival in 2001 in the German countryside outside of Germendorf, and captures the band on stage in the middle of a field in full daylight as a rather confused audience mills around aimlessly during their half-hour set. The band puts on a demented performance in front of the crowd, and despite the aged quality of the video (which doesn't seem to have benefited from any kind of digital remastering or cleanup), it's definitely an entertaining (if inadvertently humorous) document of these French black metallers unleashing their sloppy, ultra-raw corpse-painted LLN insanity beneath the soft glow of the late afternoon sun. There are a couple of different camera angles used so it's not just a boring static shot, and while the audio has the occasional dropout, it's perfectly listenable. Comes in a plastic dvd case.