LULL  Continue  CD   (Release)   12.98

1996's Continue was the fourth full-length album from Lull, the isolationist dark-ambient project of Mick Harris, legendary former drummer of grind godfathers Napalm Death and jazz-dub thrash outfit Painkiller. Like his other post-Napalm work in Scorn, this was sonically as far from the lightspeed violence of Scum as you can get, while sharing a very similar apocalyptic, bleak-as-hell aesthetic. Along with Lustmord, Lull was reponsible for some of the bleakest and most terrifying dark ambience from this era, and Continue is as strong an album in the Lull catalog as any of his releases, though maybe a bit more of a time investment than previous releases; the tracks on his earlier Sentrax discs were certainly epic in their own right, often sprawling out beyond the forty-five minute mark, but this goes even further, a massive sixty-two minute slab of rumbling, shadow-filled ambient drone, which starts off as minimal swells of distorted low-end texture and whirling metallic tones drifting through a lightless underworld, but then evolves into a great swirling ocean of cavernous reverb, dense layers of bass tones stretched into infinity and shimmery prayer-bowl intonations that slowly bloom and echo across the hour-plus expanse of dark, intensely creepy drift. Spacious and glacial, this is dronemusic as an abyssal descent, a terrifying and ultimately suffocating passage into the blackness filled with constantly changing shapes and sounds that include tidal washes of blurred distortion, far-off smears of choral melody, and formless strains of minor-key drift snaking its way slowly through the emptiness. One of the finer Lull albums for sure, and a recommended disc for disciples of the darkest, bleakest realms of ambient drone. This was Lull's first release in a brief but excellent run with the Relapse experimental sub-label release in the late 90's, and the disc is nicely packaged with heavy textured paper inserts with silver-screened print.

Track Samples:
Sample : LULL-Continue