NEO INFERNO 262  Hacking The Holy Code  CD   (Necrocosm)   12.98

With a lineup that boasts members of some of the French black metal undergrounds fiercest proponents (including Antaeus, Corpus Christii, Hell Militia, Secrets of the Moon and Arkhon Infaustus), you'd naturally expect Neo Inferno 262 to deliver some extremely warped and dissonant evil; you would, however, probably not expect this to be so imminently danceable. These violent French demonravers deliver an ultra-complex form of industrial breakbeat/junglist black metal insanity on their debut Hacking The Holy Code, imperial black metal fused with breakcore, techno, gabber, classic drum n' bass, the hash vokills and crushing magisterial riffs woven together into an intricately assembled tapestry of industrial blast metal. This sort of black metal/electronica/techno experimentation has been going on for years, and Neo Inferno 262 is directly related to the similarly cyber-necro violence of

Aborym, Void, Mysticum, Alien Deviant Circus, Dødheimsgard and Axis of Perdition, but few bands have put it all together as seamlessly and as ferociously as Neo Inferno 262. Malevolent, dissonant Deathspell-esque riffs ride on trance inducing waves of distorted jungle breaks; roaring, blackened raver synth lines overlay massive distorted basslines and hellish electronic sound collage; film samples (taken from Pi and Hellraiser among others) are intermingled with recorded newscasts from the Jonestown Massacre and abstract electronic textures; fearsome classical strings burst from panzer-strength apocalyptic speedcore and gabber onslaughts. Ecstatically vicious, there's an infernal logic at work behind the chaotic assembly of brooding Deathspell/Glorior Belli-style black metal and fractured gabber/electronica; sounds a LOT like the newer Dødheimsgard stuff but with a larger focus on extreme Bloody Fist style jungle/breakcore mayhem, and it's also comparable to the bizzaro French electro-BM delirium of Diapsiquir and Alien Deviant Circus.

The visuals that accompany this blast of electronic black metal savagery are fucking amazing as well, the digipack and foldout booklet both featuring artwork that's inspired by 20th century Soviet communist proapganda poster art, which ties in to the strange totalitarian references encoded within this album...highly recommended.

Track Samples:
Sample : NEO INFERNO 262-Hacking The Holy Code
Sample : NEO INFERNO 262-Hacking The Holy Code
Sample : NEO INFERNO 262-Hacking The Holy Code