COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN  Satan Yuri And You  7" VINYL   (Shock)   5.98

Whoa! All of you UK noise rock fans better take notice...we stumbled across a long lost stash of this long out-of-print 7" EP from psychedelic sludge mutants Cosmonauts Hail Satan, released way back in 1992 in a hand-numbered edition of 666 copies by the mighty Shock Records, the label run by Stefan Jaworzyn of Skullflower / Ascension / Shock Xpress fame! This EP was the very first release from Cosmonauts Hail Satan, and it's more of the bizarre, distorted psych-plod and drug-fueled satanic tape cut-up delirium that appeared on their Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse disc. The two sides are just two halves of a single track, a deranged industrial sludge rock jam with pounding percussion, heavy tribal drums knotted into hypnotic primal rhythms, massively distorted bass and guitar oozing Melvins-esque sludge, thick streaks of low-end amplifier drone, caustic guitar noise, and TONS of looped samples from old witchcraft flicks and horror movies strewn over the top. It's a blast! These guys never achieved the same level of notoriety as their peers in Skullflower, Ramleh and Splintered (well, maybe not Splintered, those guys were lost to obscurity too...), but it's the same sort of heavy, noisy UK sludge rock; fans of this stuff should move quick if you want a copy, as we only found a couple of these rare records.