SKULLFLOWER / WHITE MEDAL  split  7" VINYL   (Turgid Animal)   11.98

An awesome recent arrival from Turgid Animal that pairs together one new track from the mighty Skulllower, and one new track from the crushing black metal/noise beast White Medal.

The Skullflower side features "Great Hunter", a new dose of super-dense and heavy abstract guitardrift that's actually different from the harsh out-guitar bleakscapes that Matt Bower has been creating on recent releases. This is much more layered and textured and atmospheric, a dense wash of blackened melodic guitar ambience that almost sounds like epic black metal stripped down to just the guitars, a grim soaring riff overlaid with melancholic leads and layers of fuzzy, blurry, gorgeous low end throb and smeared melodic buzz and woozy drone, equal parts Loveless and warped metallic black drift. Harsh and heavy but totally immersive.

On the b-side, White Medal unleashes a brutal blast of super-heavy downtuned dirge with "On't Borough", the vocals slurred, drums thrashing away way down in the mix, obscured by the swirling blown-out guitars and chaotic sludgy noise. The vocals are fucking nuts, a super deep and slurred roar that sounds like the turntable is playing the record at the wrong speed. The song breaks off into abstract woozy drift with seasick blackened arpeggios and waves of distorted drone buzzing and hissing as the song becomes a psychedelic blackened deathdirge, everything becoming buried under warping shifts in speed and distortion, finally building into an ultra-heavy, vaguely industrial sounding doom dirge. The White Medal side kills just as much as the Skullflower track, both bands deliver some amazing material for this Ep. Recommended! Limited to 400 copies.