TOTAL  Glassy Warfare  CD   (RRRecords)   7.99

Here's the crucial 1995 artifact from Total, another killer project from Matthew Bower of Skullflower and Sunroof! Released as part of the classic 90's Pure Series on RRR, you get awesome seminal guitar/feedback noise that shakes buildings. This full length sports four LOOOONG tracks of sky rupturing freeform guitar noise and chunky ear-shredding amp feedback that swirl together into thick gobs of churning,blackened drones, dreamy hums, and harsh noise storms. This definitely ranks among Bower's more brutal jams, with much of the album sounding like a gang of massively distorted electric guitars battling mutant vacuum cleaners in a brutal,cathartic mass of crushing jet-engine roar. The first track, "Glassy Warhead", features violin from Philip Best. The final track sports some teeth drilling guitar skree over top of symphonic recordings for bizarre effect. Hypnotic, buzzing,endless axe splatter. Pure power. Glassy Warhead straddles the realms of the transcendental drones of Double Leopards,Vibracathedral Orchestra,and Burning Star Core...the earth shaking amplifier ooze of Sunn O))), Earth, and Boris...and of course, the incendiary interdimensional guitar explosions of Matthew Bower's other bands (Skullflower, Mirag, Hototogisu).