VARIOUS ARTISTS  Outbreak Of Evil IV  7" VINYL   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)   5.98

This ongoing series of 7" compilations from Nuclear War Now rules; each installment has featured four bands from around the world raising the flag for scummy, blackened thrash metal, free of polish and posturing. The fourth edition of Outbreak Of Evil brings us another four obscure black/thrash bands, and there's some really bad filth on here.

First up are US thrashers Possessor (who feature members of thrashcore legends Holier Than Thou? and Annihilation Time) with an awesomely sloppy track of drunken, violent Bulldozer/Venom style speed metal, some incredibly wrecked and strangled vocals, and an altogether brain-damaged and mangled sound that totally rips. Those mutants are followed by fellow Yanks Bludwulf from Rochester, which features a guy named Reverend Sinn on vocals that I remember from a crust punk band called The End back in the '90s, along with some dudes from Toxic Holocaust; their song "Nightbreed" is a killer blast of raw, catchy metalpunk that's part Venom, part GISM, part LA sleaze and part UK stench, and I've got to get my hands on more of their stuff, fast.

On the other side, Mexico's Strikemaster barrels through the thrash blitz of "Thrashing The Blind School", Bay Area inspired riffing and impassioned yelling and hammering drums all rushing together in a energetic, loose blast of ragged early Metallica worship with some really fucking weird drum sounds.

Japan's Metal Skull is last with the weirdest track on the Ep, a song called "Satanical Holocaust MassacreĒ, which actually sort of sounds like something from Ruins or Magma, someone whistling over a jagged off-time bass/drum groove, very prog sounding with weird organ sounds (or is that guitar?) locked into an aggressive, repetitious, ominous groove...a very weird entry on this compilation, and a perfect example of why I love these NWN comps so much.