VARIOUS ARTISTS  13 Bands Who Think You're Gay  LP   (Menace To Sobriety)   14.98

Uh oh. Here's what happens when you give Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt license to put together his own compilation album of like-minded sickos and sociopaths, as as expected, it ain't pleasant. This infamous comp came out back in 2004 but it wasn't available to us until now, so now at long last we can all revel in the absolutely hateful and ridiculous PC-baiting racket that Putnam assembled here, with a lineup that ranges from the brutal Boston hardcore and grind of AxCx, Seige, and PTL Klub, to several offerings from the notorious Ohio "tardcore" scene, to punishing sludge from the likes of Eyehategod, Angry Hate, and the mighty Kilslug.

The Lp opens with Anal Cunt's blazing punky one-two noisecore punch of "Ha Ha Holocaust" and "We're Not 'In Da House' You Fucking Wigger", and then delivers a track of over-the-top anti-PC thrash metal from Chicago's Raunchous Brothers that makes the previous Anal Cunt jams sound like fucking peace-punk. Seriously offensive stuff. Then Boston downer freaks Kilslug are up with a previously unreleased track of primo sludgepunk slime called "Glowing Kanibals", followed by four songs of low-fi, brain-damaged Casio punk slop from Fossil Fuel, aka Dave Schall, aka Food Fortunata of Sockeye, the godfather of the Ohio "tardcore" scene. Fossil Fuel is sort of an idiotic punk version of Sockeye, with ridiculous songs like "I Fuck Cripples", "Tie Up You", "Everybody Die", and "Nat'l Monuments Suck". Next us a track of ultra-hateful drum machine grindcore from Mudoven, and the side closes out with a very early recording of EyeHateGod's "My Name Is God And I Hate You" that was recorded in 1989, opening with heavy looped samples, then lurching into the ultra raw, ultra low-fi dirge, a terminally ugly and feedback soaked recording that sounds like it was recorded on a battered old four track deck.

Side two starts off with the ridiculous tongue-in-cheek heavy metal assault of "Metal Head" from Connecticut goofball heshers Nasty Disaster, followed by Nunslaughter's gruesome black metal primitivist blasphemy "Resurrection" and the anthemic "Back For Blood" from Canadian heavy metal lifer Thor, an early version of the song that later appeared on his 2004 album Triumphant. And then we get a previously unreleased track from legendary Boston hardcore/grinders Siege called "Cameras" that was recorded in 1991 when the band briefly reunited with Seth Putnam on vocals, a vicious, super short blast of grindcore that is all too brief. Angry Hate are another Putnam project, where he plays awesomely demented, noisy sludge punk alongside Larry Lifeless from Kilslug/Upsidedown Cross; their "Bad Mood" is total cacophony, ultra skronky and dissonant slow motion damage with drunken yowling from Lifeless, the sound equal parts Brainbombs and Kilslug and Hijokaidan. Killer! Then another blast of "tardcore", this time from Krapper Keeper (the duo of Food Fotunata and Michael Pilmer from the old noise band Silica Gel); their "Captain America Jerked Off On Your Dad" is a mess of janky drum machine beats and stoopid hardcore vocals. The side wraps up with four raging live tracks from Boston thrash punks PTL Klub that were recorded in 1999 at a reunion show in Cambridge, MA.

WIth its ridiculous album artwork, outrageously hateful and absurd music, and overt "fuck you" vibe, this comp isn't for the easily irritated or offended; but for fans of Seth Putnam's terminally nihilistic and anti-PC sense of humor, this was made for you. Comes with a big full color foldout poster, and limited to 720 copies.