WVNDRKMMER is an incredibly ambitious release from Small Doses and those strange blackened avant-metallers Pyramids, which started out when the band decided to send various songs of theirs to a diverse list of bands and artists to take and reshape into all new works of sound. The lineup of bands that are collected on this massive compilation is fucking wild, and includes a ton of artists that we're huge fans of, like Yen Pox, Light Of Shipwreck, Across Tundras, Amber Asylum, Tenhornedbeast, Burial Hex, Encomiast, Rise Of Because, Neuntoter Der Plage, At The Head Of The Woods, Luasa Raelon, Exit In Grey, Windy & Cark, Josh Lay, Bass Communion, Fear Falls Burning, Ala Muerte, This Will Destroy You, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Teeth Collection, Bones Of Seabirds, Wereju, Mamiffer, Wyrm, Bjerga/Iverson, Black Seas Of Infinity,Oakeater, Blood Fountains, and Black Roller Crop Rotation. And there's lots of less familiar (but no less interesting) artists like Andrew Weathers, Le Knell, Jeremy Bible, Great Falls, 9922, Nicholas Szczepanik, The Spirit Dies, Mystified, Romance Of Young Tigers, Sin Of A Higher Strain, Drowning The Virgin Silence,Ulan Bator, True Colour Of Blood, Rabbit Girls, Fences, Paradin,Sigullum Dei, Hiroki Sasajima, Wicked Messenger, Nils Helstrom,Offthesky,Lunar Miasma and Ghoul Detail. As you can no doubt guess from that diverse gathering of bands, the sounds on WVNDRKMMER veer all over the place, from the gorgeous dark chamber-prog of Amber Asylum to Neuntoter Der Plage's swirling fly-struck black ambience and demonic haunted house power electronics, Tenhornedbeast's ritualistic percussive black driftscape and the bizarre blackpsych of Rabbit Girls with it's strange mix of frantic screams, distant blastbeats, and proggy Hammond organ drift; the clanking nightmraish sounds of Hoor-Paar-Kraat and eerie glistening ambience of Wyrm, Across Tundras's dusky sludgy Americana, and psychedelic black electronica of Black Seas Of Infinity; the swirling dark industrial ambience of Bass Communion, and Light Of Shipwreck's crushing orchestral guitar drones and swarming buzz and percussive might. And that's just a sampling of what is spread out across these five cassettes; we're talking about six hours of exclusive music here, all germinating from the otherworldly psychedelic blackened metallic bliss of Pyramids but reconfigured into totally new shapes by each artist. It's assembled into a stunning package, too, the five tapes professionally printed with silver ink, all bundled together in a vinyl cassette album, with a metallic silver insert printed with black ink, the case itself sealed with a full color wraparound glued-on cover, and enclosed in a black cardstock slip sleeve that is sealed with a silver wax seal. Very impressive looking, and this "black" version limited to just two hundred copies.