VARIOUS ARTISTS  Brick By Brick  7 x 3" CDR BOXSET   (Small Doses)   26.98

This compilation from Small Doses showcases an array of noise artists working within the aesthetic of HNW, and covers more well-known names like Vomir and the Italian horror movie obsessed group Four Flies, as well as newer artists (at least to us) White Plague, Ryan Bloomer, Griz-zlor, A View From Nihil, and Infirmary. There's almost two and a half hours of harsh, crushing, immersive walls of distortion that are mapped out across seven discs, each artist featured on a separate disc, and the set is attractively packaged in a chunky black binder-box with black-on-black artwork, a printed HNW manifesto from Vomir, a twelve-page booklet, and a 1" HNW button.

Disc one is A View From Nihil's "Creation In Order To Subdue The Torment Of Perception", a massive, churning twenty-minute dust storm of buzzing particulate matter and swirling grit, the distortion whipped around in great loops and whorls with ghost traces of melody taking form deep beneath the layers of crunch. This slab of wall-noise is quite hypnotic and ominous. The second disc has "Taking It On The Jaw" from Canadian noise artist Ryan Bloomer, whose rapid, fluttering distortion beats black wings against clouds of minimal hiss, getting more and more active and chaotic, somewhat similar to the suffocating crackle of The Rita's recent album The Voyage Of The Decima MAS, building into a dense wall of static, roiling crunchy sheets of brutal chopped up glitch chaos.

The Four Flies disc features two tracks; another HNW project from Richard Ramirez who teams up with Christian Perdome, Matthew Solondz & Hageshiseto Ohno, blasting through �I Was Made Of Blisters And Remorse�, a sixteen minutes monolith of crushing looped blasts of distorted bass and rhythmic pounding punishment; the second, "The Beast Of Scars" more muted, releasing a smoldering black lava-flow of creeping static and throbbing bass flux.

Griz+zlor's untitled twenty minute offering is a maelstrom of immersive black buzz, a thick & murky take on HNW that's similar to Vomir, the dense and almost completely unchanging roar delivering a constant & brutally hypnotic attack. Infirmary's disc "Hold" is equally merciless; a roaring thick slab that

pretty much loops the same bellowing oceanic frequency over the entire length of the track, a total avalanche-of-metal void.

The untitled disc/track from France's Vomir is more of the master's incredibly focused and minimalist form of drone-noise, made up of two main tones; one a taut static buzz, and the other a deeper, more tectonic bass-heavy rumble, fused together into a crushing non-dynamic blast of black fire. And on the seventh disc, the duo White Plague brings us "Viral Replication", another brutal, enveloping sea of crackling, roaring low-end violence, constantly churning and rumbling, with slight, almost imperceptible shifts in speed and texture that occur over the duration.

A wealth of high quality harsh noise collected together in a fantastic package, recommended to fans of time-melting meditative noise.