VARIOUS ARTISTS  Rising Tide  CD   (D-Trash)   12.98

We've got some great stuff in this week from the Canadian label D-Trash, a mix of both new and old stuff that fans of extreme electronica and brutal gabber/breakcore action are going to wanna take a big bite out of. And this heavy compilation of exclusive tracks from the D-Trash camp is probably one of the best places to start for anyone new to the sound and looking for a loaded mixtape of what those mutants at D-Trash and their affiliates are doing. Essentially acting as the North American arm of Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore label, D-Trash has compiled a small army of artists on this disc including Unitus, Schizoid, Contra, Exist, Nocore, CPUWar, Knar, The Bureau De Chnage, Stunt Rock, DHC Meinhof, Ambassador 21, Zymotic, and Asure. All of the jams on this disc are great, but my personal favorites are Schizoid's crusty Burzum-meets-Atari Teenage Riot blackened breakcore and his fiery anarchopunk ranting, Unitus' crushing metallic breakbeat doom, the hyperkinetic gabba cutups of Contra, CPUwar's ultra distorted techno, and DHR Meinhof's awesome fusion of melodic anarchopunk and harsh digital blastcore. It's a stellar lineup across the board though, and any fan of the noisiest, heaviest, fastest breeds of electronica will blow their top over this orgy of extreme breakbeat action.