AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE  Issue One  MAGAZINE (OVERSIZE)   (As Loud As Possible)   10.98

In the works for over a year, the first issue of As Loud As Possible lives up to the expectations that had been building up with noise and industrial fans. Sub-titled "the Noise Culture magazine", As Loud As Possible was created to offer a well-written and professionally edited publication that would focus exclusively on the world of experimental noise, power electronics, post-industrial music, and related forms, and with this hefty 156 page commencement, things are looking really good. Sure, we have Special Interests which focuses on similar editorial content, but ALAP has a different feel from the grittier, more personal vibe of Mikko Aspa's zine; in fact, Aspa himself is one of the contributing writers for this issue.

There's a ton of stuff to stuff your eyes with: the extensive cover story on Rudolf Eb.er and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, for starters, and a MASSIVE retrospective of Broken Flag Records that is essential reading for fans of the influential UK post-industrial label; there's an autobiography of the Haters written by GX Jupitter-Larsen; columns from GX Jupitter-Larsen (Haters), Steve Underwood, John Olson, Andy Ortmann (Panicsville), Mikko Aspa and several other writers; short interview pieces with Vomir and Helicoptre Sanglante; an essay titled The Politics Of HNW: The Roots Of Wall Riding by Sam McKinlay (aka The Rita), which is the best overview of the HNW philosophy that I've read so far; extensive and insightful interviews with Putrefier, Zone Nord, Sewer Election, Alien Brains, Climax Denial, Cheapmachines, Nicole Chambers (Ides Recordings), Apraxia Records, John Smith (the editor of the seminal early Industrial fanzine Interchange), Carlos Giffoni (No Fun); overviews of classic older Industrial albums; and tons of in-depth record reviews that I'm still in the process of reading. Perfect-bound and nicely designed with a clean, organized layout that incorporates all sorts of fantastic visual content (both rare/vintage and contemporary), this excellent magazine deserves a place on every noise/industrial/power electronics fan's coffee table. I can't wait for the next issue.