K2  Abdominal Electricity  CD   (Phage Tapes)   13.98

One of the big names in Japanese noise, K2 is known for blowing eardrums out with extreme cacophonic "junk noise" assaults that sound like entire cities being torn apart, and has an enormous catalog of releases that go all the way back to the early 80s. I love this guy's stuff, and am always ready for another skull-clearing blast of scrap-metal destruction, but this new album from K2 is radically different from his other releases that I've been listening to lately. On Abdominal Electricity, the junk-noise aspect of K2's sound has been almost completely replaced with a fast-paced psychedelic cut-up assault; it states right in the booklet that K2's Kusafuka used "no computer, no MIDI and no metal junks" in creating this album. Whatever the original sound sources were that were used; they are transformed into epic skullblasts of futuristic electronic frenzy on these four lengthy tracks ("Epilogue No. 2", "Bomb In My Stomach", "Secret Cold Storage", and "Aerophobia"). The listener is subjected to monolithic (ten to thirty minute long) blasts of spastic feedback chaos, ultra-heavy low end synthesizer(?) drone, endless volleys of laser fire and chopped up fx insanity. The sound changes every few seconds, constantly mutating from one form to the next, going from pounding metal rhythms to brief fragments of melody and musical sounds to violently revolting cassette decks vomiting up their guts across a backdrop of howling sentient machinery and marauding electrical cables. There are vicious test-tones that bore pinholes through your skull, which then collapse into ominous rhythmic feedback loops and garbled 8-bit electronic melodies, slamming into massive tidal surges of cosmic synth that rise up into the roar of a thousand spaceships launching into the stratosphere at once. And in spite of Kusafuka declaration in the liner notes, there are whole swaths of this album that sound like they had to have been composed on a computer, with squirming over modulated clusters of digital noise and wailing sirens. It's a frenetic and brutal noise collage from one of the masters of high-speed Japanese electronic brutality, with a loud, powerful production job that allows all of the detail of K2's noisescapes to fully emerge, capturing the feeling of biological breakdown and mechanical violence that is echoed in the album art. Limited edition of five hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : K2-Abdominal Electricity
Sample : K2-Abdominal Electricity