CONSUMER ELECTRONICS  Teenage Nuremburg  CDR   (RRRecords)   7.98

This old recording from the early British noise project Consumer Electronics just resurfaced recently on RRRecords as a CDr, and it sounds as nasty and abusive now as it ever did back when it was first released. The solo project of a young Philip Best of Whitehouse/Ramleh infamy, Consumer Electronics took a more primitive (yet no less ferocious) approach to constructing severe electronic abuse, and this mid-90s release on the Pure series cuts right through your headmeat with six lengthy assaults of extreme industrial violence. Although the disc was originally released in 1995, the actual recordings all date back to 1982-1983 and are culled from rare cassette and limited vinyl projects. The sound of Teenage Nurmeburg is a kind of murky, dread-soaked proto power electronics, with tracks such as "Sex Deaths", "Genesis Of A Child Star" and "Fusing Devices" (all of which could have doubled as song titles for Whitehouse) lashing out at the listener with looped percussion buried under sheets of tape hiss, loads of low-fidelity slime and airplane hangar reverb crawling across the concrete floor, and weird electronic zaps and synth effects. Best's vocals have a heavily flanged, deformed effect that make 'em sound much stranger than what he did on those Whitehouse albums around the same time, and sometimes erupts into monstrous guttural roars that have a shocking effect when they suddenly blare out over the sordid backdrop of cavernous rumblings, high pitched squeals, strange samples of British youth behaving obnoxiously, and musical fragments and chunks of pop songs. It can go from extremely caustic and nauseating feedback/synth abuse into something that can be surprisingly rhythmic, even hypnotic at times, which of course just adds to the uneasy feeling that permeates all of Consumer Electronics. Also of note is the monolithic opening title track, a nightmarish blat of filthy basement electronics that was recorded back in 1983 and features guest material from John Murphy of industrial pioneers SPK. Comes in a multi-color xeroxed sleeve.

Track Samples:
Sample : CONSUMER ELECTRONICS-Teenage Nuremburg
Sample : CONSUMER ELECTRONICS-Teenage Nuremburg