COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN  Bizarre and Torturous Rituals Of The Primitive World  7" VINYL   (Secret Devil Records)   13.98

This is the second older 7" from Cosmonauts Hail Satan that has come into the shop recently; the first was the Satan Yuri And You 7" on Shock Records that we found (and which is still in stock), which I still can't believe is still floating around out there. UK noise/thud rock from this era is really hard to find since most of this stuff was pressed up in really tiny runs, and I don't expect either of these 7"s to lurk on our shelves for long.

This UK noise rock band was a contemporary of Skullflower, Splintered, Bodychoke, and the other noisy guitar-centric bands on the Shock Records roster, but they were considerably weirder than those outfits thanks to the band's obsession with skeezy exploitation cinema that resulted in lots of strange samples being wound around their pounding dirge-rock trances. Released in 1995 on the UK label Secret Devil Records, this rare two-song Ep contains some of CHS's most restrained music, at least compared to their other stuff that I have in my collection. The first song "Deep River Misery" is a sparse industrial hypno-rock hallucination of pulsating motorik drums, slithering bass, wispy feedback, cannibal b-movie samples and strange rain forest samples, creaking guitar and amp noise funneled into a kind of creepy, murderous trance rock, sort of like a sparser more psychedelic take on hypno-crunchers Gore or Circle. The b-side song is "Stacy Keach", an ode to that square-jawed star of Mountain Of The Cannibal God and Road Games in the form of a slinky industroid throbber, a deep serpentine groove shot up with black synth buzz, almost Scorn-like beats, and more creepy pilfered exploitation film samples arranged into strange new codes on this pounding head-nodder. Pretty sweet.

Each copy is machine-numbered.