GOVERNMENT ALPHA  Impregnable Storm  CD   (New Nihilism)   11.98

We're constantly adding to our Government Alpha selection over here at C-Blast, and here's the latest blast of total psychedelic skulldrill that I've picked up. This 2009 disc from Tokyo-based noise legend Government Alpha was released as part of the Harsh Kontakt series on the Polish label New Nihilism, packaged in a large foldout poster printed on heavy paper stock and folded down into a DVD-sized package that comes in a plastic sleeve, a professionally duplicated disc released in a limited edition of 250 copies. Harsh noise fans should need no introduction to the work of this long-running noise outfit, the solo project of Yasutoshi Yoshida who rose to prominence during the 1990s as one of the most punishing purveyors of extreme electronics to come out of the second wave of Japanese noise. The six tracks on Impregnable Storm are primo psychblast in his signature multi-layered style, intense, fast-moving chaos-storms of processed electronic noise and ear-destroying feedback whipped up into massive lysergic maelstroms of sound with evocative titles like "Electric Sandstorm", "Venusian Dragon", and "Thorny Tornado". Each track erupts into brutal high-end skree blasting through banks of manipulated effects processors, whipstrike assaults of phaser abuse and chaotic flanging noise, walls of brutal distortion and squalls of sickening metallic scrape, deformed glitchery, malfunctioning electronics and avalanches of collapsing metal, recreating the sound of galaxies tearing apart, of quasars erupting and the birth of black holes. Government Alpha's output generally ranks as some of the most extreme and abrasive electronic noise coming out of Japan, and this disc certainly delivers on that front, its quick-moving carnage swept up in the ultra-violent and hyper-abstract throes of squealing idiot chaos that leaves the listener with virtually no breathing room over the course of its nearly hour long run time.

Track Samples:
Sample : GOVERNMENT ALPHA-Impregnable Storm
Sample : GOVERNMENT ALPHA-Impregnable Storm