VARIOUS ARTISTS  Harsh Purification  4 x CD-R   (Corrosive Art Records)   16.98

A massive four-disc set that basically contains four full length albums from some of the best of the current harsh noise underground: Vomir, An Innocent Young Throat Cutter, Torturing Nurse, and Government Alpha. The sounds range from brain-blotting HNW to extreme psychedelic speaker desruction, and will test your limits for sure...

If the blank walls of black static on the first disc remind you of Werewolf Jerusalem (as they did to me), that makes sense; WJ mastermind Richard Ramirez is also the sole force behind this incarnation of the giallo-obsessed HNW project An Innocent Young Throat Cutter. Like he does with Werewold Jerusalem, Ramirez crafts epic slabs of pure static here that are for the most part untainted with extraneous noise, creating massive fields of hypnotic mindblot, save for the third track, a shorter piece that does get pretty brutal with it's onslaught of pummeling low-end distortion. A little more corrosive in texture and less meditative than what he does with Werewolf Jerusalem, maybe, but it's still a total voidstorm that fans of that project should definitely check out.

The disc from France's Vomir disc serves up a single untitled half-hour blast of his signature style of speakershred inferno. A massive rumbling scrapescape of crunchy mid-range distortion and deeper seismic frequencies fused together into a monolithic noise-trance that at first sounds like the whole of the world is on fire, but through deeper listening reveals a swarming microcosm of white-noise activity that continues to be some of the most engrossing HNW being made right now.

With Torturing Nurse's thirty-five minute ear-rape "Corrosion Resistance", we leave the HNW aesthetic behind and tumble headfirst into extreme cacophony. This sprawling sado-collage has a handful of elements at it's core that struggle to maintain some semblance of orbit in the form of crashing percussion that sounds like a drum kit being hurled into a mineshaft, and the shrieking electroshock vocals that almost turn this into a kind of extreme noisecore, but these are almost totally consumed by the maelstrom of extreme feedback, chopped up samples, strangulated guitar shred and howling static that Torturing Nurse has blasting off this disc for the entire run-time. It's a suffocating dense, psychedelic skullblast, almost like hearing early Boredoms being blasted out of a jet turbine. If I did PCP, I'd listen to this track all of the time.

Last in the set is a monumental offering from Government Alpha, a legend in the Japanese noise underground. Titled "Erebus", these two tracks are of epic length, and savage the listener with a mix of scouring feedback drone, crushing effects-pedal manipulations, and harsh fluctuating waveforms that alternately resemble a brutally distorted sci-fi film soundtrack, mountains of steel and concrete crashing to the ground, full-scale laser assaults, crushing ultra-distorted rhythmic loops, extreme synth abuse, a nearly forty minute rush of world-devouring psychedelic electronics.

The discs come in a heavy dvd case with full color artwork and a set of full-color printed inserts, and is limited to one hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Harsh Purification
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Harsh Purification
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Harsh Purification
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Harsh Purification