VARIOUS ARTISTS  Knife Vs Skull Face  7" VINYL   (Saxon Gregory)   6.98

The Saxon Gregory records aren't for just anyone. The appeal that these strange, anonymous collections of cult horror audio have is recognizable only to those nocturnal troglodytes who worship the sensuous nightmare imagery of 70s Italian creepers diffused from spools of moldering videotape and staticky cathode glow. For those of us infatuated with the art of the Eurohorror trailer, though, these records are amazing little fetish objects. The Knife Vs Skull Face 7" is particularly delicious, collecting the audio tracks from the trailers for the 1971 shocker La bestia uccide a sangue freddo, the legendary giallo Strip Nude For Your Killer,

z-grade trash-classic The Embalmer, and Antonio Margheriti's 1963 gothic nightmare The Virgin Of Nuremberg. The trailer for La bestia uccide a sangue freddo (aka Slaughter Hotel) is a strange collage of delayed screams, damaged psych-funk, underwater haunted house organs, and murky catacomb ambience that works on it s own as creepy bit of sound art. There's the demented jazz/funk score behind the trailer for Strip Nude For Your Killer that acts as the background for more sugary strings, car crashes, weird percussive sounds, bits of ominous film dialogue and more horrific screaming, and The Embalmer's trailer fetaures a classic voiceover style preview. Best of all is the the Virgin Of Nuremberg track, a wild rush of jazz and Riz Ortolani's's orchestral strings with the original Italian voiceover.

Released in a limited edition of one hundred fifty copies.