SCORN  Yozza  CD   (Ohm Resistance)   9.98

In the wake of last year's excellent Refuse; Start Fires, Scorn's Mick Harris (formerly of grind legends Napalm Death and Painkiller) has produced a a new Ep of brutal, malevolent industrial dub that's more blown out and corrosive than usual, while continuing to use the live drums that Scorn began to incorporate on Refuse. The four new tracks that are featured on Yozza are Scorn at it's heaviest, the shotgun snare drums and deep wobbly bass shaped into robotic time signatures, a throbbing, skulking dubstep monstrosity that's quite different from the sparse, down-tempo ambient dub of his 90's output on Earache Records. Here, the pounding industrial-dub beats of "Piper" crawl with a nightmarish 70's horror vibe, producing one of the heaviest Scorn tracks I've heard in ages, with a pulverizing bass assault grinding across a surreal nocturnal landscape lit by halogen lights and blanketed in black ash. The stuttering, lurching rhythms and fractured tectonic dub-bass that appears on "Turn Ting Up" turns it into a sort of warped, pitch-black cybernetic dancehall mutation that is laced with murderous drill tones and wobbly low-end pulsations. "Shake Hands" picks up the tempo with it's malevolent industrialized raggacore throb, unleashing a crushing break beat attack infested with growling machines and gut-rumbling low end, and closing with the gruesome black dubstep of "Names".

Comes in a digipack illustrated with killer artwork from Khomatech.

Track Samples:
Sample : SCORN-Yozza
Sample : SCORN-Yozza