C.Y.T.  Configuration Of A Yearned Twilight  CD   (Flamme Noire)   16.98
Configuration Of A Yearned Twilight IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Alert to all fellow fanatics of demonic French black metal! Issued in a limited edition of 500 copies and already sold out at the source just like the Drastus Roars From The Old Serpents Paradise CD that we listed in the last update (which sold out here at CBLAST within 24 hours of the list going out!), C.Y.T's Configuration Of A Yearned Twilight is a similiarly frigid and inhuman blast of damaged, Satanic French black metal from the Flamme Noire imprint. Lately, the French black metal scene is starting to become more recognized for it's awesome weirdness and individuality, sort of comparable to the 'x-factor' that Japanese bands seems to have that makes their music inherently bizarre and cool as fuck. Featuring a member of Drastus, C.Y.T's vision is one of the more sinister I've experienced thus far, a sexually charged feverdream of gleaming Industrial ambience infested with razor blasts of hypersonic blistering BM, awesome ferocious riffs and dissonant guitar textures spit out like venom over the drummer's kinetic beats, who delivers a combination of light speed blastbeats and convoluted, super complex polyrhythms. It's an unearthly sounding blackthrash, harsh, fractured, the singer psychotically switching between a ranting hateful rasp and psychedelic chants hurled into the void, comparable to Deathspell Omega's recent music but even spacier, ""math-ier"", more atmosperic even, an impenetrable veil of fucked up sonic ultraviolence. This album is inredible and an absolute must for fans of fucked up, far out French BM, which makes it frustrating that we have a VERY small quantity of this available!