CULVER  The Black Telephone Wire  CDR   (At War With False Noise)   9.98

Culver is the alias for prolific drone head Lee Stokoe, who also runs the UK label Matching Head, plays bass in sludge-drone metallers Marzuraan, and has recently been enlisted as a live member of both Sunroof! and Skullflower. The Black Telephone Wire is a limited edition CD-R on the At War With False Noise, and the first thing that strikes me is how mellow this is compared to just about everything else I've heard from the label, the devotional drone/folk/sludge of Culver standing in bright contrast against the improvisation skullfucks administered by the likes of Kylie Minoise, Tetsuo, and Nackt Insecten. This CD-R contains a single track, 47 minute long, which begins with a dark, minor-key melody strummed and plucked slowly on a single acoustic guitar, the notes fingerpicked and left to hang in empty air, gradually picking up pace and becoming a repetitive folk dirge that builds in strength and volume as it transforms into a single droning chord, a buzzing acoustic ur-drone. Glacial drones and fuzzy electronic ambience rises out of space over the first 20 minutes of the track, and the drones and distortion and acoustic guitar gradually swirl together into a hypnotic, fuzzed out roar littered with aqueous melodies. Totally mesmerizing and quite heavy, especially towards the end when the distortion really kicks in, massive and beautiful, a black blizzard of icy sludge mantra that stretches out forever. An excellent disc of heavy drone that has a similiar vibe as that of Corrupted's forays into acoustic ambience. Released in a limited edition of 100, in an oversized sleeve with haunting artwork printed onto acetate sheets.