POLLUTIVE STATIC  Turn On The Fuck Soundtrack  CASSETTE   (Nil By Mouth)   7.99

As much as I dig all of Hal Hutchinson's assorted projects and pseudonyms (Execution Support Act, Meatgrinder, Controlled Property, even sometime collaborator with The New Blockaders), it's his straight-up harsh noise project Pollutive Static that I've been listening to most. Maybe it's just because I've been coming across more PS releases lately, but regardless, the brutal throwback noise that he works with here has been solidly cathartic to my ears.

Fuck Soundtrack offers nothing for those looking for nuance and subtlety; these seven tracks are purely brutal exercises in electronic skull-fuck. Recorded hot and low-fi, the untitled noise tracks crumbling beneath their own weight and excess, this tape subjects the listener to an evolving tapestry of extreme feedback, effects and distortion with no apparent intellectual thought. Hutchison sculpts massive sweat-soaked orgies of amp/metal abuse, bludgeoning the air and flesh with swooping flanged sine waves, over-modulated noise collages, and suffocating walls of distorted roar that are suddenly erected, then come crashing back down just as quickly. The abuse that Hutchison unleashes on his synthesizers is merciless; the electronic instruments vomit out endless torrents of distorted low-end judder, long stretched-out drones caked in black static, spewing blown-out burbling chaos from end to end. Sputtering, spasmodic pedal squeal collides with searing metallic synth-hum, and huge stacks of metal are dragged across vast concrete surfaces, and then hurled into an abyss. Massive rusted-out engines are force-fed human flesh, and then are left to break apart and belch black smoke into the heavens as snippets of country music flash in and out of view from behind a wall of caustic amp-scrape. The amplified roar of blood from the tumescent meat held fast in the grip of a black leather glove. It's violent, psychedelic, recommended only to fans of the most brutal practitioners of noise a la Custodian and Sickness.

Limited edition of 120 copies. The tapes comes in a wild-looking package that has a black cardstock slipcase with artwork and some metal mesh attached to the front, and a full-color tape cover that has some extremely graphic vintage S&M visuals. Please note: Due to the explicit nature of the artwork on this cassette, it is only available to customers 18 and older. Please include an age statement in the "message" section at checkout, if ordering this item.